Welcome to Pondoro Game Lodge

Set on the cool banks of the Olifants River on the 40 000ha Balule Private Nature Reserve inside the greater Kruger National Park, the award winning Pondoro Game Lodge offers its visitors comfort, sophistication, elegance and a canvas on which to create a an unforgettable African Safari.

Female leopard at Pondoro Game Lodge

Young female leopard at Pondoro

The daughter of the Mohlabetsi Mafazi seem to have severed the ties with her mother and are now fully independent. The guides have seen her on several occasions on her own hunting and stalking smaller antelopes. This video was taken by Rul as she was relaxing close to a common duiker kill on the 29th […]

Bee-eater at Pondoro
1 September 2015

1st of September – Spring Day

  The first of September marks the official arrival of spring. Some blossoming trees and plants start to flash brilliant color like the irrepressible flame creeper ( Combretum microphyllum ) while others like the knob thorn ( Acacia nigrescens ) are more modest with a subtle touch of cream. The function stays the same in […]