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Step out of the city and into the majesty of the South African bushveld at the award winning Pondoro Safari Game Lodge. At Pondoro guests can expect an intimate and luxurious safari adventure like no other, a truly bespoke experience. We strive to provide the perfect balance for those looking for a vacation getaway that is both romantic and exclusive, while offering guests a wide range of activities with our expertly detailed safari packages.


Elephants swimming at Pondoro

Elephants swimming and bathing

Two recent videos taken by the Pondoro guides of elephants swimming and enjoying a mud bath. Elephants need to cool down from the sweltering heat of summer and mid day visits to watering holes usually means a swimming session is on the way. They love water and it is plain to see that they enjoy […]

28 April 2017


Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 09-15 April ’17 Sunday 09 April 2017 1 Bull white rhino 3 Wild dogs feeding on an impala by ncolowane road Impalabos pride at xikulu dam resting 2 Elephant bulls at xikulu dam drinking water 2 Black rhinos 1 Black rhino bull 15 Elephants at xigalana dam […]