Welcome to Pondoro Safari Lodge

Set on the cool banks of the Olifants River on the 40 000ha Balule Private Nature Reserve inside the greater Kruger National Park, the award winning Pondoro Game Lodge offers its visitors comfort, sophistication, elegance and a canvas on which to create a an unforgettable African Safari.

Lion fight at Pondoro Game Lodge

Lion fight

A video taken by Ranger Sam on the 8th of January 2016 of a pride of lions having a scuffle with a young lioness. It is difficult to determine if the lioness is a member of the pride or an intruder. If she is from another group it can only be from a pride of […]

Giraffe at Pondoro Game Lodge
27 January 2016

Safari 10-16 January 2016

Sunday 10 January 2016 1 Elephant bull at Xindzele rd 2 White rhino bulls A herd of 20 elephants at Deadend dam drinking 2 White rhino bulls A herd of 200 buffaloes at Nonwane 2 Male lions drinking water at Coert’s Bush camp 7 Hyenas at den site at Hamilton’s north Monday 11 January 2016 […]