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Singwe pride visits

Balule Private Nature Reserve is about 50 000ha in size and open (unfenced) to Kruger National Park creating an open natural ecosystem of about 3 500 000ha as Kruger Park is also open to about 1 000 000ha in Mozambique. One of the advantages of being situated in a South African Game Reserve that is […]

Leopard in a tree

    Leopards are obviously high up on the wish list for guests going on a luxury African safari . Herein lies the caveat. The iconic photo of a leopard in a tree creates the impression that this is what they always do. So visitors do not only want to see a leopard, one of […]

Hyenas at den site

We know the location of most of the den sites of the hyena clan that lives on the southern section of the Pondoro traversing area. This gives Pondoro guests ample opportunity to take some fantastic photos of this highly intelligent and amazing animals. They are completely habituated to the safari vehicles and go on with […]