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Elephants drinking

The hot, dry weather of the summer so far brought with it some wonderful photographic opportunities. Animals would gather at the watering holes to cool down and take a break from the smoldering midday heat. I managed to catch elephants drinking and bathing at a few of our dams during the past week. I love […]

Big elephant bull

We were busy watching a group of young elephant bulls drinking when this big tusker arrived. He is well known in this reserve and he is probably the highest ranked elephant bull in our concession area although not the biggest tusker and go by the name of Shoshangaan. He was in musth as can be […]

Buffalo hunter of Balule

I took these photos on the 9th of December of the completely gorged younger coalition partner of the big Mohlabetsi male lion. This group of 8 male lions killed 2 buffaloes during the night, after I photographed them lazing around the day before. The Mohlabetsi male was feeding on a buffalo calf along with a […]