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Photo safari 8 Dec 2015

I have not gone on a safari drive for quite a while and I jumped for the opportunity to take some images of lions after Ranger Sam told me that a group of 8 male lions were resting not too far from camp on the 8th of December. This was the group of males from […]

Spotlight or no spotlight?

We recently saw the young Van Wyk female leopard and after following her for a while she got into a small tree and posed for us. It was late afternoon and the sun had already set. My usual modus operandi under such circumstances is to instruct the tracker to light the leopard with a spotlight […]

Hyena cubs at the den

Some hyena photos taken on the 23rd of September 2015. The hyena den are proving to be quite a hit amongst the guests visiting Pondoro. They are moving between 3 den sites on the southern side of our concession area.  The  increase in fleas and other biting insects might be the reason behind the changing […]