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Hyenas at den site

We know the location of most of the den sites of the hyena clan that lives on the southern section of the Pondoro traversing area. This gives Pondoro guests ample opportunity to take some fantastic photos of this highly intelligent and amazing animals. They are completely habituated to the safari vehicles and go on with […]

The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail of wildlife photography has always been for me to photograph mating leopards. Leopards are notoriously secretive and are generally regarded as the most difficult of the Big 5 to see. If I was a betting man I would probably give you better odds on seeing a unicorn than seeing leopards mating. Making […]

Crocodiles eat hippo

I have called Pondoro my home for 19 years and been a dedicated amateur photographer for probably about 16 of those years. In that time I have never really taken a photo of a crocodile to be writing home about. I have also only really taken about 20 photos of crocodiles as I never really […]