Lions feeding on a kudu

The lion pride where Kudyela, the big male, spend most of his time seem to be enjoying a very successful hunting period lately. The guides found them feeding on a kudu bull on the 24th of August 2015 only a day after finishing the giraffe carcass that they killed a few days ago. The 3 […]

Buffalo bulls fighting

It has always been a dream of mine to photograph buffalo bulls fighting. I never had the luck, even after 19 years of guiding. So along came Rul, one of our guides, a few days ago and casually suggested that I have a look at a video he took. I could not believe my eyes […]

Leopard drinking

Rul, one of our guides at Pondoro Game Lodge, got a call over the 2-way radio of a leopard sighting during afternoon safari on the 18th of August. With guests on his vehicle very eager to see leopard he responded immediately and found the female subadult cub of the Mohlabetsi female. He followed her as […]