Giraffe mother chasing hyenas

Giraffe mother chasing hyenas away from her calf’s carcass: A video taken by tracker Eric on the 25 of March 2016 of a giraffe mother chasing feeding hyenas away from the carcass of her calf. This sighting was in the southern side of our traversing area that is home to a clan of about 10 […]

Big 5 safari 13-19 March ’16

Big 5 safari sightings: Sunday 13 March 2016 A male leopard (Chavaluthu) on an impala kill at Misi loop. A herd of 15 elephants at Shangana dam. 2 Elephant bulls at 4/5 cutline. 1 White rhino bull and 2 cows. 1 White rhino bull. 1 Elephant bull at Gunter’s reservoir. 2 Elephant bulls at Peter’s […]