African wild dogs

Guests staying at Pondoro on the 29th of September 2015 were extremely lucky to see a small pack of African wild dogs consisting of 3 adult females and 2 youngsters. They normally den between May and July. African wild dogs produce more pups, 6 -16 than any other canid and the alpha female probably lost […]

An elephant dust bathing

Sam took this video of an elephant bull enjoying a dust bath right next to his safari cruiser on the 21st of September 2015. Elephants often throw sand over themselves as it acts as a sun screen and helps them to get rid of irritating biting insects. Amazing to watch the elephant going about his […]

Leopard at Treehouse hide

Our Treehouse hide is proving to be very popular with guests. Nothing beats the feeling of being on your own in the bush while listening to a symphony of nocturnal sounds. The hide has a solar powered spotlight for viewing any nocturnal animals visiting the waterhole that is situated close to the hide. Rul and […]