2018 World Boutique Hotel Awards

Year: 2018
Awarded by: World Boutique Hotel Awards
Award: Winner - Africa's Best Culinary Hotel

 The Boutique Hotel Awards is the first and only international awards organisation exclusively dedicated to recognising unique excellence among boutique hotels. It is the only independent awards organisation in hospitality where each and every property is visited personally by an experienced hotel judge, who specialises in each category, and where decisions on winners depend on true first-hand guest experience at the property. 

The winners were selected from over 300 Nominees in over 80 countries. Each entrant was nominated by a member of the Awards Nomination Committee, comprising 70 leading trailblazing travel experts, whose business it is to be ‘in the know’ concerning the extraordinary boutique hotels.

We are elated to have won an award as Africa’s Best Culinary Hotel.