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Lions at Pondoro – Kruger Park Lodge

We found these lions on the Campfire section of the reserve on the 12th of June. They were lying on a big open clearing which made for good photo opportunities.

Lions chasing rhino – Kruger Park Lodge

We found some lions on the Rome section on the 10th of June. They were walking along the road when they came upon a white rhino. This caused great excitement as the lions were soon chasing the rhino around. He was not easily intimidated and gave back as good as he got.

Elephants – Kruger Park Lodge

Everywhere you look are elephants. They are one of my favorate animals and their presence provide some peace and tranquility to the hustle and bustle of the ongoing predator/prey struggle for survival.

Giraffe – Kruger Park Lodge

I do not often manage to take silhoeëttes as the bush down here is fairly dense and does not lend itself to this kind of photography.

Lions in trees – Kruger Park Lodge

We found the York pride early on the 1st of June on Nonwane. The lions were playing in the trees giving us some good photo opportunities.

Leopard hunting buffalo – Safari lodge Kruger park

It took me a while, but I eventually managed to look at photos of the male leopard which we saw hunting the buffalo and I selected one of him drinking right after the buffalo bull charged at him.

Lion cubs catching a baboon – Kruger Park game lodge

We found the lions on Rome 2 section during the morning safari when a group of baboons stumbled into them. The cubs harrashed them by climbing into the trees until two lost their nerves and made a run for it. One sadly did not make it. Big Boy, the territorial male, then came and took […]

Kudu fighting – Safari in Kruger

On the 17th of April on the way back to camp we came upon this scene. It was only the 2nd time that I have witnessed a kudu fight and this one was right next to the vehicle. They even stumbled into the back of the car. This topped off a lovely game drive after […]

Lions in trees – Kruger Park game lodge

The York pride were found on Impalabos west late afternoon on the 13th of April. The cubs started playing and we were lucky enough to have some of them getting into a tree right next to the vehicle.

Fantastic day – Kruger Park Game lodge

Game viewing on the 11th of April was amazing. We found the York pride early in the morning playing around close to a baby giraffe kill. The cubs were jumping in and out of trees which provided lots of entertainment for each and all. That afternoon after following the tracks for a while we came […]

Lions feeding on a zebra – Game Lodge Kruger Park

The whole York pride was found on Rome 2 section during the morning safari. They had killed a zebra during the night and were busy finishing off the remains. I took the photo of the baby waterbuck during the evening safari using only a spotlight.