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Elephant – Kruger Park Safari Lodge

We found 2 elephant bulls at Jiga-jiga road on the 3rd of April. They were busy feeding on a huge rock plate just after some good rains and the whole setting provided an excellent platform for some interesting photos.

Elephant in Musth – Game Lodge Kruger Park

We found this elephant bull in musth on the 19th of March at Xibejuane dam. He put up quite a show for us as you can see from the photos. The digging into the ground with his tusks is a serious warning and an elephant in musth can be extremely dangerous. The collar round his […]

Lion sighting photos – Game Lodge Kruger Park

We found the whole York pride on the campfire section of our concession on the 18th of March. It was a wonderful photo opportunity and I managed to take some nice ones as they walked past the vehicle.

Lion fight – Game Lodge South Africa

We found Mazinyo and Big Boy, the 2 territotial males, lying next to the Olifants road early morning on the 6th of March when their 3 sons came to join them. Mazinyo, who was still suffering from the fight he had with Big Boy the previous night was not in the best of moods and […]

African wildcat and baboons – African safari

I decided to post these photos as an african wildcat is one of those seldom seen rarities and the baboon one as it is a favorate of mine. The african wildcat was taken during a night safari. The baboons were seen on koppie road. Both were taken during February.

Lion killing giraffe – Game Lodge South Africa

Yesterday on the morning safari Shaun and his guests saw a huge pride of 19 lions feeding on a male giraffe that they killed during the night. I went down there during the afternoon safari and managed to take some photos. It really was an awesome sighting with the lions feeding and fighting at the […]

Lion kill – Safari at Pondoro

As promised some photos taken during our safari on the 18th of December. The lions were drinking at Ngala dam late in the afternoon and soon thereafter spotted some wildebeest and impala grazing closeby. After stalking the wildebeest for about an hour they managed to catch one only 20 meters from Shaun’s car.

Kruger Park – Game Lodge – Jackal eating giraffe

I took this photos at the giraffe kill. The jackal was very nervous never letting his eyes stray for more than a second from where the lions were sleeping. It was a fantastic sighting of one of my favorate animals.

Kruger Park Lodge – Lions feeding on giraffe

I took this photos yesterday at a giraffe kill. It was one of that cold and rainy days when you think that you won’t see anything and to be suddenly surprised by such a sight made the early morning rise and cold worthwhile. The lions also killed a baby giraffe and were completely overindulged.

Big 5 safari – Rhinos fighting

We saw rhinos fighting on the 14th of November. I got some photos but most of it happened behind some bushes. I took some during the build up to the fight and would like to share this with you. I also got a nice one of a rhino sleeping at Xibejuane road.

Black rhino charge – Big 5 safari lodge – Kruger park

Some photos taken during the past week. Mazinyo was lying next to the wildebeest carcass that he and Big Boy stole from the lioness with 2 cubs. I also got some photos of a black rhino charge which was very satisfactory to put it mildly.