Blog: Game Drive Photos: Rangers

Buffalo – Safari Lodge

We saw a herd of about 200 buffalo at Xibejuane Dam on the 3rd of August. The dust lay thick in the air giving us some interesting photo opportunities.

Lions killing zebra – Kruger Game Lodge

Some of the photos taken on the 27th of July when we saw the lions killing a zebra on Xingwana road. It was difficult to photograph as there were so many lions and we were only 2 meters away from the feeding frenzy.

African wild dogs – Kruger Park Lodge

A pack of 8 wild dogs came into our traversing area on the 17th of July and stayed until the 7th of August when we saw them feeding on an impala. Here are some of the highlights.

Elephants – Big 5 Lodge Kruger park

Some elephant photos taken during July. They are one of my favorate animals and rarely have I spent a boring moment with them.

Rhinos – Big 5 Lodge Kruger Park

Rhinos are difficult animals to photograph in the sense that they seldom do anything really interesting or out of the ordinary with the effect that most rhino photos are pretty boring. Here are a few that I took during July hopefully slightly more interesting than the norm.

Young lions on the airstrip – Kruger safari

These 4 young lions were seen early morning on the Barnard airstrip on the 11th of July. They got separated from the rest of the group during the night and we saw them playfully chasing giraffe and impala.

Mazinyo – Kruger Park Safari Lodge

We found the Olifants West pride at the shortcut on the 9th of July. Mazinyo, one of the 2 dominant males, were fighting with some of the 3 1/2 year old males and tried to unsuccessfully chase them off. I took these photos while he was contemplating matters and taking a breather.

Waterbuck kill – Kruger Safari Lodge

We saw lions killing this waterbuck on the 7th of July after it ran into a small tree during the confusion of the chase.

Lion feeding on a zebra – Kruger Park Safari Lodge

We had an amazing morning drive on the 6th of July when we found the Olifants West pride ( new name of the York pride after discussions with other lodges in our traversing area ) feeding and fighting over the remains of a zebra kill. The pride consists of 19 members which is a lot […]

Male Lion – Kruger Park Safari

A photo of Big Boy running to catch up with the pride after finding them again. The 2 big males caught a buffalo 2 days before and definately enjoyed meeting up with the females again.