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lions experience with big boy and mazinyo

experience with big boy and mazinyo greetings to shaun and eric and thanks a lot for the thrill. 🙂 The video is cut from two different camerashots. Sorry for the shaking, but this was to close to be cool. Guido,Chris,Tobi,Benni and Verena

Rhino seen while on a walking safari

We saw this rhino briefly from the vehicle close to Mamba road.  I then decided to take the guests with me on foot to try and see if we could find him again. The video footage is courtecy of Pat and Caroline McGinty who decided to visit Pondoro as part of their honeymoon. Untitled from […]

Lion Charge

On the 19th of December 2008 Shaun, one of the Pondoro guides, found Big Boy and Mazinyo ( the 2 territorial males of the York pride ) and one female deep in the bush about 500 meters from the nearest road. He decided to give his guests, Jason Bishop and Brighid, and Kevin Langley and […]