Blog: Weekly Sightings

Game drive morning 22 May

The 2 lionesses and 11 cubs leaved the zebra and wildebeest kills early this morning and we followed their tracks to where they were lying up for the day. This afternoon we will again go and look them up. I am looking forward to this as they are in a very scenic spot and it […]

Lions at zebra kill

The lions are still at the zebra kill. We were much surprized to find the carcass of a young wildebeest right next to that of the zebra. It must have unwittingly wandered into the lions last night and they just could not pass up on a free meal. We also saw 2 white rhinos on […]

Lion cub update

The lion cubs were seen on the 18th again on the Rome area for the 1st time in 3 weeks. All 3 mothers are hunting together again and it is really special to see 11 lion cubs together. Yesterday we found 2 females just after they had killed an adult zebra and we then waited […]