Blog: Weekly Sightings

Mazinyo roaring

We found the 2 big males Big Boy and Mazinyo on the morning of the 28th of March on Xintowana road and that afternoon Shaun found them on Xigamba road and took this footage of Mazinyo roaring.

Mongoose killing snake

On Saturday the 18th I saw one of  the most amazing things that I have ever experienced during my years in the bush. A huge 2 meter snouted cobra came sailing past Ntombi, our tame banded mongoose and her babies. Without hesitation she and another wild male attacked the snake and managed to kill it […]


I haven’t uploaded any photos for the last 2 weeks and thought that I would put some on the blog as I had some time to kill. Both buffalo photos were taken with backlighting. Back and sidelighting can provide for some very dramatic images and should always be tried out when at all possible. Full […]