Blog: Weekly Sightings

The end of an era? Pondoro Game Lodge – Safari Kruger Park

Mark, one of the guides at Pondoro, saw Big Boy the legendary territorial male lion yesterday at Xibejuane dam. He and some of his younger sons were following a female in oestrus. He seemed to have lost his status as undisputed king as he was chased about by each and all of his sons in […]

Amazing leopard sightings – Pondoro Game Lodge

We had some fantastic sightings of this most elusive of cats during the last week or two. Here are some photos taken of the 2 males ( Watsakile Madoda and Chavaluthu ) that were seen fighting on the 16th of February. The photos of Chavaluthu were taken at Elephanten Tranken and Watsakile on Main rd […]

Black rhino introduction to Balule – Pondoro Game Lodge

Balule Nature Reserve in conjunction with WWF recently introduced 19 black rhinos into the reserve in an effort to expand the range of this highly endangered species. This makes Balule one of the best places in Africa to see black rhinos. We now boast the highest numbers of black rhinos of any of the private […]

Game viewing highlights during May 2011

Some highlights of our sightings during the month of May: Game viewing during May was fantastic as always. There were several outstanding sightings and it is difficult to  highlight only a few. Most guests going on a safari want to see a kill and on the 5th of May this became reality for a group […]

Game viewing highlights during April 2011

Some highlights of our sightings during the month of April 2011: 2 April – Saw Mazinyo and one young Olifants west pride male as wall as the Singwe pride females at a giraffe kill close to Billy’s lodge 3 April – Saw Masinyo and one young Olifants west pride male at the giraffe kill The […]

Game viewing highlights during March 2011

Some highlights of our sightings during the month of March 2011: 1 March – We saw 4 female lions of the Olifants west pride feeding on a giraffe kill on Sausage Tree. The big lioness called Kokwana were also seen digging at a warthog burrow trying to excavate some warthogs. 2 March – The 4 […]

Game viewing highlights for February 2011

6 February – Saw 6 lions of the Olifants west pride stalking and playing with a rhino during the morning drive. Saw a young male leopard ( Cheeky boy ) at an impala kill. The same group of lions were also seen stalking and chasing a group of buffaloes during the afternoon safari. 7 February […]

Game viewing highlights for January 2011 – Kruger Park Safari Lodge

1 January – Saw 5 lions ( Olifants west pride; Kokwana and youngsters ) feeding on a wildebeest. 6 January – Two big male lions ( Big Boy and Mazinyo ) feeding on a baby giraffe. 9 January – Had a small breeding herd of elephants charging at the vehicle. When the matriarch charges everyone […]

Game viewing highlights for December 2010 – Kruger Park Safari

We had quite a few leopard sightings during the month and as most people know any sighting of a leopard is usually a highlight. We saw 2 leopard cubs on the 26th of December on Impalabos East that provided us with some very good photo opportunities. A young male leopard, the son of Manana, was […]