Blog: Weekly Sightings

Game viewing highlights during November 2010 – Kruger Park Safari Lodge

6 – 8 November – We followed the Olifants west pride during the afternoon safari and were just behind them when they killed a newborn baby giraffe. When I arrived at the scene there were only 4 lions feeding on the carcass and as I started wondering why the other lions did not join in […]

Game viewing highlights for October 2010 – Kruger Park Safari Lodge

1 October – We followed a huge male leopard ( Watsakile Madoda ) as he was busy following the scent trail of a female in return. It was exhilarating stuff and the anticipation grew bigger by the minute as we could see the male getting more excited as the scent trail got fresher. And suddenly […]

Game viewing highlights for September 2010 – Kruger Park Safari

We followed the Olifants west pride hunting during the morning drive on the 8th of September when they made a warthog kill right next to the vehicle. The evening drive turned out to be amazing too as we saw the pride hunting buffalo. They came across a herd of approximately 200 buffaloes and a deadly […]

Game viewing highlights in August – Safari Kruger Park

The biggest highlight during August was undoubtedly the arrival of 8 african wild dogs towards the end of June. They split into 2 groups on arrival and were seen fairly frequently until their departure on the 7th of August. The best sighting was saved for last as we saw 4 wild dogs feeding on a […]

Lion kills – Kruger Park Safari Lodge

The month of July was one of our most exciting ever. Lion sightings have been out of this world with guests witnessing 4 lion kills. The 1st kill was seen on the 7th of July when lions killed a waterbuck close to Xinzele road. The waterbuck, in panic when spotting the lions, ran straight into […]

Wild dogs at Pondoro in Greater Kruger Park

A pack of 8 wild dogs were seen on the 17th of July. They split into 2 smaller groups after this and we had another 3 sightings of this rare and endangered predator but only 4 dogs at each sighting. The amount of area that they cover during their hunts never stops to amaze me. […]

Lion kills 3 days in a row – Game Lodge Kruger Park

We found the York pride feeding on a freshly killed zebra carcass on the 6th of July. We sat there for about an hour as they fought over the ever diminishing meat at the carcass. The next day the pride were found hunting waterbuck. They chased a young bull which ran straight into a small […]

Male lions feeding on buffalo and lions catching a kudu – Kruger Park

We found the 2 big male lions feeding on a freshly killed buffalo cow at Impalabos west on the 18th of June. This provided us with some excellent photo opportunities for the next 2 days. I followed the York pride’s tracks this morning when we heard them fighting not too far away. We raced down […]

Lions chase leopard up a tree – Kruger Park Game Lodge

We had a great safari last night when we 1st saw a group of around 30 elephants with several babies at Impalabos west. I got a call over the radio of the Singwe pride being seen at Ngala dam just after stopping for sundowners. Rul, one of our guides who was busy following the lions, […]

Lions stalking a rhino – Kruger Park Game Lodge

We had a great week of game viewing and the highlight must be when we saw a group of lions stalking and chasing a rhino bull on the Rome 3/4 cutline. They were only playing, but it was wildly exciting. I took a few photos and will put it on the blog as soon as […]

Sightings during May – Kruger Park Game Lodge

All of the Big 5 were seen regularly during the month. Elephants are everywhere and lions were also seen nearly every day. Highlights during the month was the 1st sighting of three 2 month old cubs of the Mohlabetsi pride. Rul, our master tracker, found them at a kudu kill in Impalabos East ( See: […]

Leopard hunting buffalo – Kruger Park Game Lodge

I enjoyed one of my most special moments in the bush last night. We came across a big male leopard very close to a breeding herd of around 200 buffalo. He was hunting and decided to have a closer look at the buffalo to see if there was any very young calves around. It was […]

Lions catching a baboon – Game Lodge South Africa

On the morning of 20th of April guests enjoyed an amazing sighting when  we found the York pride close to the Olifants river on the Rome 2 section. A troop of baboons stumbled into them and as alarm calls rang out, the one year old cubs ran over to investigate. A deadly game of cat […]

Lions chasing rhino and newborn giraffe!

During the evening drive on the 27th of March we came across a baby giraffe of only a few minutes old. It was still trying to take its 1st steps in a new and dangerous world. A very special sighting for me! Highlights of our lion sightings were when we found the Singwe pride feeding […]