Blog: Weekly Sightings

Male bonding

This beautiful photo was taken by Lizan on the 1st of January 2010. She stayed at Bateleur, our self catering camp. Well done, Lizan, I am green with envy!

Elephant in Musth – Game Lodge Kruger Park

We found this elephant bull in musth on the 19th of March at Xibejuane dam. He put up quite a show for us as you can see from the photos. The digging into the ground with his tusks is a serious warning and an elephant in musth can be extremely dangerous. The collar round his […]

Lion sighting photos – Game Lodge Kruger Park

We found the whole York pride on the campfire section of our concession on the 18th of March. It was a wonderful photo opportunity and I managed to take some nice ones as they walked past the vehicle.

Lion fight – Game Lodge South Africa

We found Mazinyo and Big Boy, the 2 territotial males, lying next to the Olifants road early morning on the 6th of March when their 3 sons came to join them. Mazinyo, who was still suffering from the fight he had with Big Boy the previous night was not in the best of moods and […]

Lion killing giraffe – Game Lodge South Africa

Yesterday on the morning safari Shaun and his guests saw a huge pride of 19 lions feeding on a male giraffe that they killed during the night. I went down there during the afternoon safari and managed to take some photos. It really was an awesome sighting with the lions feeding and fighting at the […]

Lions chase leopard up in tree

Last night’s safari proved to be very special indeed with Rul’s guests seeing 4 lions chasing a male leopard up a tree. The primevil growling of the leopard shocked everone to silence and on top of that the leopard then decided that the best avenue of escape was right past Rul’s vehicle. Well done Rul!

Cheetah kill – Big Five Lodge

The end of the year brought one more surprise as we saw a cheetah catching an impala during the morning drive on the the 31st of December. Soon thereafter the female cheetah and her cub were feeding on the young impala ram. On the 2nd of January we saw the York pride feeding on a […]

Christmas Safari – Lion kill

Christmas morning started off with a bang as we got Big Boy, the territorial male lion, drinking at Nyari dam. We followed him and found the whole pride lying close by. Thereafter we followed some more lions while they were hunting wildebeest, but without any success. During the afternoon drive we saw 2 white rhino […]

Safari at Pondoro Game Lodge

Just after the morning safari while everyone was enjoying breakfast, the peace and quiet were shattered by the grunting, growling and splashing of fighting hippos barely 20 meters from the breakfast buffet. A big bull was fighting with a female and her calf and he left with the female nurturing 2 huge gashes over her […]

Big 5 lodge – Amazing game drive

The afternoon game drive on the 18th of December proved to be a highlight. I found the York pride close to Ngala dam and we followed them to the water and watched them drink in near perfect light. They then spotted a group of wildebeest and impala close by and started stalking. They made a […]

Big 5 safari – Lion feeding on giraffe and rhino fighting

There were plenty hightlights during the last few weeks and it is difficult to pick out a few, but here we go. During walks we focus mainly on the smaller things that would be neglected during the drives so the emphysis moves away from the bigger animals to the amazing smaller creatures that we share […]

Leopard cubs – Safari lodge – Big 5

Rul discovered that there are actually 2 leopard cubs when he followed their tracks away from the kill. The female are hiding them in a very inaccessable area and the only one seeing them thus far is Rul who is slowly habituating them to his presence. We found Big Boy and Mazinyo, the 2 dominant […]

Safari at Pondoro

The highlight of the past 3 weeks were without a doubt the mating of 2 leopards on Impalabos East. We found fresh leopard tracks at Elephanten tranken on the afternoon drive of the 26th of August and Andries, my tracker, followed the tracks until he reported that he heard the growling of leopards mating in […]