Ntombi – The mongoose

Ntombi, our tame mongoose, had babies on Saturday night the 17th of January in my bed. She gave birth to an incredible 9 babies. The average litter size is 2-4. It seemed like this was quite a shock to her system and we decided to supplement the feeding by using a syringe. They are going strong for the moment and the only ones’ suffering is Lize, Ntombi and I who are struggling to get enough sleep. I will put some photos of the proud mother and her babies on the blog as soon as I get a chance.

All the best.

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  1. Hi Anina
    Apoligies for taking so long to respond. We use Lactogen 1 ( 2 scoops on 15ml of boiled water cooled down) infant baby powder which you can buy at any supermarket. This must be mixed with tiny bit of Protexin Soluble which you can get at any vet.
    Good luck.

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