Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 4-10 Nov ’18 Sunday 4 Nov 2018 1 Male leopard east of rian’s road 30 Elephants feeding west of xipanga road 3 Machaton males with 7 kudyela lionesses and 12 cubs at swens reservoir   Monday 5 Nov 2018 1 Female leopard east of xipalatsi 15 Elephants […]

Lioness pulling warthog from burrow

A recent video by Pondoro guide Rul taken during a safari with guests not too long ago. Incredible scene of a lioness digging into a burrow trying to excavate a warthog. This happens fairly often, but to see a lioness disappearing into the hole with only her tail sticking out was a first for anyone […]

World’s Best Luxury Safari Retreat

November is award season in the hotel industry and it is with great pleasure that I can inform everyone that Pondoro enjoyed a fabulously successful month! We were nominated to compete in the World Luxury Hotel Awards, Haute Grandeur Hotel Awards and The Boutique Hotel Awards, each with different selection criteria and award recognition standards. […]