Lion Charge

On the 19th of December 2008 Shaun, one of the Pondoro guides, found Big Boy and Mazinyo ( the 2 territorial males of the York pride ) and one female deep in the bush about 500 meters from the nearest road. He decided to give his guests, Jason Bishop and Brighid, and Kevin Langley and […]

January recipes

Hi there! So many people has been asking for these recipes. I share them with you with pleasure (not like my grandmother’s recipes where I will have to kill you after I have given it to you ! ) Sweet Corn Bread This is a very simple recipe but truly delicious! 500g Self Raising flour 1 tin […]

Ntombi’s babies

As promised a few photos of Ntombi, the mongoose’s, babies. As I said before she had 9 and is struggling to feed them all. I think that she was a bit overwhelmed. We are helping her now and are supplementing the babies with a milk formula. I am happy to report that they are all […]