Close encounters with lions at Pondoro

We had an excellent week’s game viewing and as so often in the past the lion sightings were the highlights during the drives. The morning of the 13th was no exception and I took this photos of Shaun and his guests on the morning drive. We 1st found the 2 males, Big Boy and Mazinyo, […]

Buffalo kill

The 4 young male lions were found on the evening drive of the 14th on a buffalo kill. I saw the buffalo running from that area the previous evening, but could not find anything when I went to investigate. The next morning also did not produce anything, but that afternoon some vultures were spotted in […]

Lion cubs playing and playing and playing

The action on the 22nd happened so fast that I wished at one stage that I had some extra cameras to give someone else to help me as I could not possibly keep up. The cubs were incredibly busy. A once in a lifetime photo opportunity!

Motherly love

I took so many photos of the lion cubs on the 22nd that I decided to categorize them. Adult lionesses would often syncronize their oestrus cycles with the effect that they would give birth at roughly the same time. They will then suckle each other’s cubs and the chances of the cubs surviving should theoretically […]

African wild dogs

The big news of the week is the arrival of 3 wild dogs which have been seen close to Naledi waterhole on the 4th of June. They killed an impala the evening before and followed that up with another impala on the morning of the 4th. This is africa’s 2nd most endangered predator after the […]

Black rhino

Dear Rolf and Ruth Thank you for sending the photos! Yes, we have seen the black rhino quite a few times now and I am happy to report that he is still around. In fact he was seen this morning. We also saw wild dogs this morning which is our 1st sighting in quite a […]

Amazing afternoon

The morning of the 22nd I raced down to the lions at the zebra kill in the hope of catching them finishing off the remains. They were however gone by the time that we arrived and we spend about 2 hours trying to relocate them. As always Andries, my tracker,  excelled and we found them […]

Lions eating warthog for breakfast

The past week’s gameviewing have been good with elephants being the main attraction. They are in abundance at the moment and several breeding herds are usually found during game drives. They are one of my favourate animals and every moment spent with them are usually a treat. I spend a few frustrating days trying to […]

Game drive: Afternoon 22 May

As expected the game drive yesterday afternoon was a real treat. The lion cubs was out in the open and playing all around the vehicle. It exceeded my best expectations and we spend around 2 hours at the sighting. Watch out for the photos! We had close encounters with elephants today and enjoyed a good […]

Game drive morning 22 May

The 2 lionesses and 11 cubs leaved the zebra and wildebeest kills early this morning and we followed their tracks to where they were lying up for the day. This afternoon we will again go and look them up. I am looking forward to this as they are in a very scenic spot and it […]

More photos of cubs at zebra kill

I took lots of photos of the cubs at the zebra kill. The light was unfortunately not the best, but here are some images that I like.

Lion cubs at zebra kill

On the morning of the 19th of May we found 2 lionesses on a freshly killed zebra. Soon afterwards they went off to go and fetch their cubs and here are some of the photos that I took.

Black rhino

The 1st black rhino that was seen in Balule Nature reserve for many years. White rhinos are common, but the black rhino is extremely rare. This bull was relocated to the western section of Greater Kruger Park a few days ago and hopefully he will settle down in our area.