Lions at zebra kill

The lions are still at the zebra kill. We were much surprized to find the carcass of a young wildebeest right next to that of the zebra. It must have unwittingly wandered into the lions last night and they just could not pass up on a free meal. We also saw 2 white rhinos on […]

Photo of lioness in riverbed

Thanks Joachim for sending the photo! I remember when the photo was taken. It was when this female, Noengu Mafazi, killed a warthog right next to the riverbed. I think that I took some photos later of the cubs playing in the riverbed.

Lion cub update

The lion cubs were seen on the 18th again on the Rome area for the 1st time in 3 weeks. All 3 mothers are hunting together again and it is really special to see 11 lion cubs together. Yesterday we found 2 females just after they had killed an adult zebra and we then waited […]

Black rhino

A black rhino was seen on the 10th of May by Rul and his guests. This was the 1st sighting of the highly endangered black rhino for many years in this area and it would be fantastic if he decides to stay around. Although we have several white rhinos in the area and see them […]

Photo’s Henk and Rietha

Pondoro Pondoro Team, Thanks for an experience second to none. You went out of your way to make our stay special with service excellence second to none in all possible areas. It was the best stay we’ve ever had in any Game Reserve in South Africa . We will be back ; that’s a promise. Here are […]

Lion hunting buffaloes

On the 25th of April while Shaun were watching a breeding herd of elephants the sound of lions fighting at a kill were heard. He raced to the spot to find the 2 big males, the Mother lion and the 3 young males feeding on a freshly killed impala. Yesterday morning while Shaun were looking […]

Highlights for April so far

We found the 2 big male lions at a buffalo kill on Mahlolwa road on the 29th of March and then saw them feeding on the carcass for several consecutive days. Noengu Mafasi and her 4 cubs were seen several times during the month and they were seen at 2 kills, at a waterbuck on […]

Lion cubs suckling

This video was also taken at the warthog kill. We were very lucky to have the cubs suckling in the open right next to the vehicle.

Lion cubs playing

Shaun took this video of Noengu Mafazi and her 4 cubs playing close to the warthog kill on the 9th of April.

Mazinyo roaring

We found the 2 big males Big Boy and Mazinyo on the morning of the 28th of March on Xintowana road and that afternoon Shaun found them on Xigamba road and took this footage of Mazinyo roaring.

Mongoose killing snake

On Saturday the 18th I saw one of  the most amazing things that I have ever experienced during my years in the bush. A huge 2 meter snouted cobra came sailing past Ntombi, our tame banded mongoose and her babies. Without hesitation she and another wild male attacked the snake and managed to kill it […]


I haven’t uploaded any photos for the last 2 weeks and thought that I would put some on the blog as I had some time to kill. Both buffalo photos were taken with backlighting. Back and sidelighting can provide for some very dramatic images and should always be tried out when at all possible. Full […]

Our stay at Pondoro

Dear Pondoro Team, Thank you very much for the wonderful time we had during our stay with you. We appreciated the special attention and personal contact and service very much. You have made our holiday into something special and none of the other lodges could live up to your standards, even though we saw leopards […]

Photos Han & Ineke

Hello Pondoro Team, Some photos of our stay march31 – april 3 Han & Ineke, Dordrecht, The Netherlands There’s my toast