Lions hunting zebra

On the 9th of January guests saw lions chasing a herd of zebra at Mountain View while on safari with Shaun. Their hunting success rate is actually quite small and this time proved no different as the zebra managed to escape.

Elephants playing and mudbathing in the water

Guests saw a herd of elephants at Dead End Dam mudbathing on the 10th of January. Most of the dams in the area now have water after being empty for about a year. To see elephants swimming like this is always a highlight. You can actually see that they are enjoying themselves.

Buffalo mudbathing

On the 25th of December Shaun took this video of a buffalo rolling in the mud at Nyari Dam. This buffalo was part of a group of nine bulls.

Big Boy

As a 1st image on this category I decided to upload a photo of my favourate lion, Big Boy. He is the most dominant of the 2 males of the York pride and has a fearsome reputation in the Reserve. Very rarely would you meet him on foot and not receive a warning charge. He […]

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Write a Post You must 1st register if you want to write a post. Type in a username and your email address. Your password will be emailed to you. You should receive an email within 30min. Log in and click on write a new post. Fire away and tick on the relevant category when finished. […]

Lion Charge

On the 19th of December 2008 Shaun, one of the Pondoro guides, found Big Boy and Mazinyo ( the 2 territorial males of the York pride ) and one female deep in the bush about 500 meters from the nearest road. He decided to give his guests, Jason Bishop and Brighid, and Kevin Langley and […]

January recipes

Hi there! So many people has been asking for these recipes. I share them with you with pleasure (not like my grandmother’s recipes where I will have to kill you after I have given it to you ! ) Sweet Corn Bread This is a very simple recipe but truly delicious! 500g Self Raising flour 1 tin […]

Ntombi’s babies

As promised a few photos of Ntombi, the mongoose’s, babies. As I said before she had 9 and is struggling to feed them all. I think that she was a bit overwhelmed. We are helping her now and are supplementing the babies with a milk formula. I am happy to report that they are all […]

Ntombi – The mongoose

Ntombi, our tame mongoose, had babies on Saturday night the 17th of January in my bed. She gave birth to an incredible 9 babies. The average litter size is 2-4. It seemed like this was quite a shock to her system and we decided to supplement the feeding by using a syringe. They are going […]

Lion and honey badger fight

This is a video that were taken by guests, John and Alex High, whom visited Pondoro during December 2008. Amazingly they took this video using only their cellphone. The honey badger escaped uninjured and the video exemplify the fighting spirit and toughness of the badger.

Ranger’s report

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Due to the ongoing demand and fame of Pondoro’s fabulous cuisine Lize will publish some of her favourite recipes.

Game drive videos – rangers

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Game drive videos – Guests

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