Game drive videos – rangers

Guides at Pondoro will upload their best video clips of the month and hopefully this will give potential guests an idea of what can be seen at the Lodge.

Game drive videos – Guests

Pondoro invites you to upload videos of special sightings during your stay with us.

Ranger photos

Photos taken by the guides at Pondoro are published here.

Game drive photos

Pondoro invites you to upload some of your favorite safari photos into this category. I will also give advice, if asked on how to improve your photos for the next safari.

Lion vs Hyenas Video

This video of a young male lion figting with hyenas was taken by a guest during April 2002. This young male and his mother killed a baby giraffe earlier in the afternoon and the hyenas arrived just after sunset. The lions moved off shortly afterwards, but the hyenas were looking for a fight and did […]

Blog Help

This Help section will explain how to make blog postings and comments. Guest can now write about their own Pondoro Experience on this blog.