Blog: Big 5 sightings


WEEK IN PICTURES #10 The 5 o’clock wake up call in the winter is not always answered with a smile but the idea of coffee, hot chocolate or any of the other hot beverages serves as encouragement. Once every one is sitting around the table in their winter clothes and start talking about the day […]


Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 14-20 May ’17 Sunday 14 May 2017 14 Elephants at xigamba road heading south 2 White rhino 1 Buffalo bull at xibejana dam drrinking 20 Elephants at Impala dam heading north Monday 15 May 2017 3 Male lions at makhubele road moving east 1 Black rhino cow […]


Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 30 April – 06 May ’17 Sunday 30 April 2017 1 Mohlabetsi male lion at 8/9 cutline moving east 15 Elephants at Coert bush camp drinking 3 White rhino 2 White rhino bulls 15 Elephants at leoparden weg 4 Hyenas at mountain view heading south   Monday […]


FIRST EDITION OF WEEK IN PICTURES #1 This marks the first edition of the week in pictures. The aim of week in pictures is too look back at the sightings we’ve had during the course of the week and highlight those we (Guides and Trackers) enjoyed just as much as the Pondoro guests. Africa is […]

Buffalo bulls fighting

It has always been a dream of mine to photograph buffalo bulls fighting. I never had the luck, even after 19 years of guiding. So along came Rul, one of our guides, a few days ago and casually suggested that I have a look at a video he took. I could not believe my eyes […]

Lion feeding on a giraffe

August is known as the windy month in South Africa. True to form we had quite a strong wind during the night. Predators often make use of opportunities like this to hunt as the noise of the wind would mask their approach and aid them while stalking the unsuspecting prey. Lions got the biggest prize […]

Weekly sightings 16 – 22 August 2015

Sunday 16 August 2015 5 Buffalo bulls at Wormhole rd A herd of 300 buffaloes at East/west cutline 1 Hyena south of Venture Camp 3 White rhinos 5 Buffalo bulls at Makubela rd 1 Female leopard and cub at Impalabos east/Mohlabetsi cutline 5 Buffaloes at Xiingwana rd A herd of 13 elephants at Toni’s dam […]

Early morning lion safari

I often drive for days without even picking my camera up. We might be having amazing sightings, but the opportunity for taking good photos just does not present itself. On other days I might be taking up to a thousand images. It might just be that everything falls into place and more is often better […]