Blog: elephant bull

Elephant bull rolling in mud

A video taken by Ranger Rul on the 2nd of December 2015 of an elephant bull grooming himself. The mud cools them down and is good for the skin. Ticks also gets trapped in the layer of mud covering the skin. Scratching on a tree after rolling in mud helps them to get rid of […]

Big elephant bull

We were busy watching a group of young elephant bulls drinking when this big tusker arrived. He is well known in this reserve and he is probably the highest ranked elephant bull in our concession area although not the biggest tusker and go by the name of Shoshangaan. He was in musth as can be […]

An elephant dust bathing

Sam took this video of an elephant bull enjoying a dust bath right next to his safari cruiser on the 21st of September 2015. Elephants often throw sand over themselves as it acts as a sun screen and helps them to get rid of irritating biting insects. Amazing to watch the elephant going about his […]