Blog: elephants swimming

A herd of elephants swimming

A video taken by Ranger Sam of a big herd of elephants swimming at Nyari dam, Pondoro on the 22nd of December 2015. Best time to see this activity is during the hottest time of the day and mostly in summer. They love water and are very good swimmers. It is a real treat to […]

Elephants swimming

A video taken by Eric of a herd of elephants swimming at Ngala dam on the 11th of December. We have been suffering from a heatwave and drought conditions throughout South Africa. Regulating your core body temperature under such conditions can be very difficult for the world’s largest land mammal and going for a swim […]

Elephants swimming at Pondoro while on safari – Kruger Park

Guests visiting Pondoro saw a group of about 10 elephant bulls swimming at Ngwenya dam on the morning on the 19th of March. It is a very special sighting as we do not see this that often. The enjoyment for the elephants are easy to see and we sat for about 45 minutes enjoying their […]