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Sightings 3 June – 9 June, 2012

Sunday – 3 June 2012 Guests followed the young male leopard, Chavaluthu, while he was stalking impala and were lucky enough to saw him make a kill right in front of the vehicle   Monday – 4 June 2012 Male leopard, Chavaluthu, feeding on the impala kill close to East/west cutline A herd of about […]

Amazing leopard sightings – Pondoro Game Lodge

We had some fantastic sightings of this most elusive of cats during the last week or two. Here are some photos taken of the 2 males ( Watsakile Madoda and Chavaluthu ) that were seen fighting on the 16th of February. The photos of Chavaluthu were taken at Elephanten Tranken and Watsakile on Main rd […]

Big 5 lodge | Lion cubs

As stated earlier one of the 4 year old lionesses has got cubs as well. We found her and 2 cubs on the afternoon drive of the 21st of September and followed her to a freshly killed wildebeest. The cubs were very active and it provided for excellent photo opportunities.

Lions eating giraffe

On the 6th of September we found the York pride on a baby giraffe kill. Andries, my tracker, followed the tracks and walked right into them. As always the Mother Lion charged and she seems to be getting grumpier with old age. The pride settled down quickly after I picked him up again and we […]

Private safari lodge | Leopard at Hamerkop dam

I took this photos of a male leopard early evening at Hamerkop dam on the 3rd of September. If you look carefully you will see the wound on his right flank which was probably caused during a territorial fight with another male.