Blog: Giraffe


WEEK IN PICTURES #32 The week started with high temperatures but to the end it cooled down and a downpour of rain was welcomed across the reserve. During the week there were 3 male lions, one morning, roaring only meters away from Buffalo Suite and when relocated after a morning coffee to our surprise they […]

Giraffe mother chasing hyenas

Giraffe mother chasing hyenas away from her calf’s carcass: A video taken by tracker Eric on the 25 of March 2016 of a giraffe mother chasing feeding hyenas away from the carcass of her calf. This sighting was in the southern side of our traversing area that is home to a clan of about 10 […]

A tower of giraffe chase a leopard

A video taken by tracker Eric on the 12th of February 2016 of a journey of giraffes inquisitively following a young leopardess we call the Van Wyk mafazi. Giraffes are well known for approaching or even following predators as eyesight plays such a major part in their quest for survival. It is always better knowing […]