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Big 5 lodge | Lion cubs

As stated earlier one of the 4 year old lionesses has got cubs as well. We found her and 2 cubs on the afternoon drive of the 21st of September and followed her to a freshly killed wildebeest. The cubs were very active and it provided for excellent photo opportunities.

Lions eating giraffe

On the 6th of September we found the York pride on a baby giraffe kill. Andries, my tracker, followed the tracks and walked right into them. As always the Mother Lion charged and she seems to be getting grumpier with old age. The pride settled down quickly after I picked him up again and we […]

Private safari lodge | Leopard at Hamerkop dam

I took this photos of a male leopard early evening at Hamerkop dam on the 3rd of September. If you look carefully you will see the wound on his right flank which was probably caused during a territorial fight with another male.

Safari at Pondoro

The highlight of the past 3 weeks were without a doubt the mating of 2 leopards on Impalabos East. We found fresh leopard tracks at Elephanten tranken on the afternoon drive of the 26th of August and Andries, my tracker, followed the tracks until he reported that he heard the growling of leopards mating in […]

Amazing place!

There is a reason this Lodge was just voted into the top 100 spots in Africa to stay.. I really can’t rave enough, this was our last stop on a 3 week tour and we finished it in style. Pondoro is located in the Balule Private Reserve just outside of the Kruger gates, on the […]

Giraffe kill | Safari | Private Game Lodge

I found the dead giraffe on the 25th of July. It seemed to have died of natural causes. The next morning this young male lion of about 3 1/2 years was found feeding on the carcass. He is part of a coalition of 4 young males that feed mainly on buffaloes. Two days later one […]

Big 5 lodge | Elephant mudbathing

On the afternoon safari on the 8th of July we found a breeding herd of elephants walking slowly towards Xibejuane dam. I decided to go to the dam and wait there for the herd to arrive so that we could make sure that we were in a perfect position for taking photos. The dam was […]

Black Rhino Charge

Once again, thanks for your hospitality and welcome. Really enjoyed the tranquillity of the Bateleur camp. Big thanks to all the staff and especially Eric who made the game drives so rewarding. Great encounters with a breeding herd of elephants, the lions and most notably the black rhino which charged our vehicle (fortunately he pulled […]