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Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 15 to 21 September ’19   Sunday 15 September 2019   1 Male Lion (Machaton Male) sleeping on Singwe Plains 2 Lionesses with 2 cubs sleeping near Marula Road 15+ Elephants static feeding near Main Road 60+ Buffalo static around Steven Road 60+ Buffalo drinking at Bothabesi […]


Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 08-14 Oct ’17 Sunday 08 Oct 2017 20 Elephants feeding at mamba road 9 Buffaloes at mhisi road resting 3 Kudyela lionesses at impalabos 3 Machaton males resting at jika-jika Monday 09 Oct 2017 3 Machaton males resting at xitiwana road 20 Elephants feeding at nsuna 2 […]


Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 03-09 Sept ’17 Sunday 03 Sept 2017 2 Black rhino 3 White rhino 9 Elephants bulls at linear road 10 Elephants feeding at jika jika 20 Elephants at nwambu road feeding 15 Elephants drinking at venture camp dam 30 Elephants feeding at mahlo road 3 White rhino […]


Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 20-26 Aug ’17 Sunday 20 Aug 2017 200 Buffaloes at olifant main junction zebra weg 30 elephants heading north from jakals weg 3 White rhino 1 Leopardess hunting impala main road west 3 Lionesses resting at koerts new road 30 Elephants feeding at xindzele 2 Black rhino […]

Lions hunting buffaloes

Lions hunting buffaloes: A video taken by Pondoro guides of the Kudyela pride of lions hunting buffaloes. Southern Africa is at present in the midst of the most severe drought in recorded history. We had some welcoming rains during the beginning of November, but not enough to bring relief and break the depressing drought. All […]

Early morning lion safari

I often drive for days without even picking my camera up. We might be having amazing sightings, but the opportunity for taking good photos just does not present itself. On other days I might be taking up to a thousand images. It might just be that everything falls into place and more is often better […]

Lions feeding on a zebra foal at Pondoro Game Lodge in Kruger Park

Guests on Mark’s safari cruiser saw how a pride of lions stalked and killed a zebra foal right next to their safari cruiser during the evening safari on the 31st of January 2013.

Lions killing a kudu calf at Pondoro Safari Lodge in Greater Kruger Park

A video taken by Brooke Escudier, one of our guests, on the 12th of January 2013. The lions were resting next the safari vehicle when one noticed a kudu calf hiding nearby after the mother fled from some nearby bushes.They sprinted after the calf and caught with ease.

Leopard feeding on a warthog at Pondoro Safari Lodge, Kruger Park, South Africa

Rul took this video of a big male leopard, called Watsakile, feeding on a warthog carcass on the 8th of January 2013. We saw the leopard killing the warthog 2 days before during the afternoon safari. These are one of the big advantages of staying at a private safari lodge where we can follow animals […]

Lions killing buffalo calf

On the 7th of January guests saw what most tourists can only dream of and that is to actually witness lions making a kill. That evening Shaun and his guests were driving around trying to find the lions after seeing some fresh tracks earlier on. They came upon a group of about 40 buffalo and […]