Blog: Mongoose

Weekly sightings 16 – 22 August 2015

Sunday 16 August 2015 5 Buffalo bulls at Wormhole rd A herd of 300 buffaloes at East/west cutline 1 Hyena south of Venture Camp 3 White rhinos 5 Buffalo bulls at Makubela rd 1 Female leopard and cub at Impalabos east/Mohlabetsi cutline 5 Buffaloes at Xiingwana rd A herd of 13 elephants at Toni’s dam […]

Mongoose killing snake

On Saturday the 18th I saw one of  the most amazing things that I have ever experienced during my years in the bush. A huge 2 meter snouted cobra came sailing past Ntombi, our tame banded mongoose and her babies. Without hesitation she and another wild male attacked the snake and managed to kill it […]

Ntombi’s babies

As promised a few photos of Ntombi, the mongoose’s, babies. As I said before she had 9 and is struggling to feed them all. I think that she was a bit overwhelmed. We are helping her now and are supplementing the babies with a milk formula. I am happy to report that they are all […]

Ntombi – The mongoose

Ntombi, our tame mongoose, had babies on Saturday night the 17th of January in my bed. She gave birth to an incredible 9 babies. The average litter size is 2-4. It seemed like this was quite a shock to her system and we decided to supplement the feeding by using a syringe. They are going […]