Blog: Pondoro

Elephants swimming at Pondoro while on safari – Kruger Park

Guests visiting Pondoro saw a group of about 10 elephant bulls swimming at Ngwenya dam on the morning on the 19th of March. It is a very special sighting as we do not see this that often. The enjoyment for the elephants are easy to see and we sat for about 45 minutes enjoying their […]

Black rhino chasing a lion while on safari at Pondoro Game Lodge in Kruger Park

Guests driving with Mark saw how this black rhino cow chased a male lion around. Black rhinos are notoriously temperamental and she surely did them proud. Amazing footage Mark!

Big 5 safari sightings 24 February – 2 March 2013

Sunday 24 February 2013 1 Elephant bull walking past Nyari dam 1 Elephant bull feeding at Steven’s rd A herd of about 20 elephants feeding close to Mophu meander A breeding herd of 20 elephants feeding close to Top rd Monday 25 February 2013 1 Lioness and 3 male cubs playing close to Coert’s new […]

Big 5 safari sightings 17 – 23 February 2013

Sunday 17 February 2013 A breeding herd of elephants feeding next to Breite weg 1 Elephant bull in musth at Huppel weg A breeding herd of about 25 elephants at Xirombirombi rd 1 Hyena female and 3 cubs at Misi kaya Monday 18 February 2013 5 Lionesses hunting zebra at Waterkant rd A breeding herd […]

Big 5 safari sightings 10 – 16 February 2013

Sunday 10 February 2013 A herd of buffaloes resting next to Xipalatsi rd 1 Elephant bull feeding on marulas close to Huppel weg Monday 11 February 2013 1 Leopard female lying on Nonwane area 5 Lions walking in a easterly direction 1 Lioness and 2 cubs close to Xibejuane dam A herd of buffaloes grazing […]

The return of Chavaluthu to Pondoro Safari Lodge concession

The young male leopard Chavaluthu has been having a terrible time as he is surrounded by 3 big territorial male leopards namely Cheeky Boy, Tintaka and Watsakile. He disappeared and settled more towards the east of our concession area probably regarding Tintaka as his biggest threat and decided to take his chances in Cheeky Boy’s […]

Big 5 safari sightings 3 – 9 February 2013

Sunday 3 February 2013 1 Elephant bull feeding along the Olifants rd Monday 4 February 2013 Noengu Mafazi and 2 subadult lionesses resting close on Rome 4 2 Black rhinos drinking 1 Male leopard ( Chavaluthu ) resting close to Mamba rd A breeding herd of elephants at Leoparden weg Tuesday 5 February 2013 A […]

Big 5 safari sightings 27 January – 2 February 2013

Sunday 27 January 2013 A breeding herd of about 60 elephants feeding next to the vehicle at Pondoro main rd 1 Elephant bull in musth close to Venture camp 1 Black rhino bull and cow mud wallowing A breeding herd of about 20 elephants feeding close to Coert’s new rd A herd of about 160 […]

Lions feeding on a zebra foal at Pondoro Game Lodge in Kruger Park

Guests on Mark’s safari cruiser saw how a pride of lions stalked and killed a zebra foal right next to their safari cruiser during the evening safari on the 31st of January 2013.

Elephants taking a dust bath next to Pondoro safari cruiser in Greater Kruger Park

Mark and his guests had an amazing elephant experience on the 27th of January 2013 when a breeding herd of about 15 elephants decided to take a dust bath right next to their safari cruiser. They were so close that you could actually hear the sprayed sand grains falling on the vehicle.

Lions killing a kudu calf at Pondoro Safari Lodge in Greater Kruger Park

A video taken by Brooke Escudier, one of our guests, on the 12th of January 2013. The lions were resting next the safari vehicle when one noticed a kudu calf hiding nearby after the mother fled from some nearby bushes.They sprinted after the calf and caught with ease.

Big 5 safari sightings 20 – 26 January 2013

Sunday 20 January 2013 4 Elephant bulls feeding on River Lodge main Monday 21 January 2013 A herd of about 150 buffaloes close to Huppel weg 3 White rhino bulls feeding Hyenas at den site playing   Tuesday 22 January 2013 3 Elephant bulls feeding next to 8/9 cutline 1 White rhino 1 Elephant bull […]

Big 5 safari sightings 13 – 19 January 2013

Sunday 13 January 2013 2 White rhinos drinking water A breeding herd of 15 elephants feeding at Kambaku rd Hyena adults and cubs at den site Monday 14 January 2013 2 Black rhinos ( Male and female ) 2 Buffalo bulls at Nyoka dam 3 Elephant bulls feeding ar Mahlowa loop 1 Lioness and 2 […]

Hyena cubs playing at a den site on safari at Pondoro Game Lodge, Kruger National Park

This is a video taken by Rul, one of our guides, at a den site on the 23rd of October 2012. The hyenas moved their site just after the video was taken, but I am very happy to report that they have moved back to the site and guests are now seeing them on a […]