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White rhino bulls fighting

A video taken of 2 white rhino bulls fighting. Young bulls are normally seen in pairs, but become solitary at around 12 years of age when they would try to find a territory of their own. Territories would be demarcated by dung middens and by spraying urine. They spray urine backwards onto bushes and also […]

Sightings 29 Nov – 5 Dec 2015

Sunday 29 November 2015 2 Male lion at Breitte weg 2 White rhino cows A herd of 300 buffaloes at Nsuna rd A herd of 100 buffaloes at Hearne/Impalabos cutline 2 White rhino bulls 2 Elephant bulls at Pondoro Main rd Monday 30 November 2015 2 Male lions at a buffalo kill at Olifants rd […]