Welcome to Pondoro Safari Lodge

Welcome to the majesty of the South African bush and the award winning Pondoro Game Lodge. At Pondoro guests can expect an intimate and luxurious safari adventure like no other, a truly bespoke experience. We strive to provide the perfect balance for those looking for a getaway that is both romantic and exclusive, while offering guests a wide range of activities ranging from safari drives to romantic picnics at our treehouse hide.


Buffalo chasing lions

Guests visiting Pondoro recently had the rare opportunity to witness an incredible sighting of a coalition of male lions chased a way from their African buffalo kill by a very upset buffalo bull trying hard to rescue and defend his fallen colleague. Hunting buffalo is dangerous business as lions do not only have to contend with the menacing […]

19 January 2020


Big 5 safari sightings for the week of 12 to 18 January 2020   Sunday 12 January 2020   1 Female Leopard heading West from Xikulu Dam 1 Elephant Bull feeding near Rhino Rock 3 adult Wild Dogs with 4 pups sleeping near Mhisi Road 1 Female Black Rhino with her calf heading South from […]