Welcome to Pondoro Safari Lodge

Step out of the city and into the majesty of the South African bushveld at the award winning Pondoro Safari Game Lodge. At Pondoro guests can expect an intimate and luxurious safari adventure like no other, a truly bespoke experience. We strive to provide the perfect balance for those looking for a vacation getaway that is both romantic and exclusive, while offering guests a wide range of activities with our expertly detailed African safari packages.


Lion pulling warthog from burrow at Pondoro

Lioness pulling warthog from burrow

A recent video by Pondoro guide Rul taken during a safari with guests not too long ago. Incredible scene of a lioness digging into a burrow trying to excavate a warthog. This happens fairly often, but to see a lioness disappearing into the hole with only her tail sticking out was a first for anyone […]

week in pictures
16 February 2019


WEEK IN PICTURES #58 What a week to be out in the Balule Game Reserve, we had rain all week long! When we embarked on a sunny afternoon drive at the beginning of the week excited for the unknown, little did we know that it would be the last sunny afternoon. We had to cover […]