The big news of the week is the arrival of 3 wild dogs which have been seen close to Naledi waterhole on the 4th of June. They killed an impala the evening before and followed that up with another impala on the morning of the 4th. This is africa’s 2nd most endangered predator after the Ethiopian wolf and as always caused huge excitement. Our last wild dog sighting was nearly 2 years ago so lets hope that this might be the dawn of a new era where we might start to see this very special animal more regularly.

Guests visiting Pondoro over the past week would have been very fortunate as sightings were very good. The lion cubs were seen regularly and on the 3rd they were found on a zebra kill close to Kambaku dam. I managed to get a few photos and would put that up shortly. The 2 big male lions and the famales also killed a buffalo close to Selvyn’s camp 2 days ago and we found the lions close by the next day suffering badly from a case of overindulgence.

Elephants and buffalo are also plentiful.