Africology training for Pondoro beauty therapists

As part of our commitment to the staff working at Pondoro we have regular training programs to uplift and enhance our staff’s potential. After thorough research we decided to start using the Africology range of spa and skincare products at our spa. They have developed unique treatments and also thoroughly train spa therapists. Like us they believe knowledgeable and motivated therapists are the key to offering a great spa experience to customers. Africology thus offered a first class staff training course at Pondoro from the 10th until the 14th of March with special focus on educating our therapists on the benefits of natural ingredients and how they interact with body and mind. All their products are 100% natural and bio-degradable which benefits your body and mind as well as the environment.

Africology can now be considered as one of the leading natural, eco-friendly and holistic spa and skincare companies in South Africa. Its success has gone well beyond South Africa’s borders and the brand is now available across the World, including Belgium, France, UK, USA, Turkey and Scandinavia.

Africology offer a luxury, natural and eco-friendly product range, fragranced with only pure essential oils and manufactured to the highest standard. All Africology products uplift the mind and body in a positive therapeutic way and are used in the holistic Africology spa treatments, which are influenced by traditional African wisdom and Reiki techniques.

Congratulation to Preicy and Lily in passing with distinction.

Preicy and Lily receiving Africology training
Preicy and Lily receiving Africology training

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