The morning of the 22nd I raced down to the lions at the zebra kill in the hope of catching them finishing off the remains. They were however gone by the time that we arrived and we spend about 2 hours trying to relocate them. As always Andries, my tracker,  excelled and we found them at one of their favourate hiding places. It is remarkable how they continue to hide their cubs at the same places year after year. Noengu Mafazi who has her 1st litter now hides her cubs in exactly the same places where she was hidden when she was young. Truly remarkable. I am not sure if she remembers the places from when she was young or whether she just copies her mother’s hiding spots of her younger sister and brothers. I suspect it must be the latter.

The light was really bad in the morning and looking at the spot where they were hidden I hoped for a good photo oppurtunity in the afternoon. I was not disappointed as it turned out to be a fabulous afternoon. In fact one of my best yet from a photographic point of view.