There were plenty hightlights during the last few weeks and it is difficult to pick out a few, but here we go. During walks we focus mainly on the smaller things that would be neglected during the drives so the emphysis moves away from the bigger animals to the amazing smaller creatures that we share the bush with. We do however sometimes walk into the big and mighty animals and Shaun and his guests had an interesting experience with a big bull elephant on foot on the 7th ( see video taken by guests ) and the 2 big male lions gave me and my guests a warning charge on the 10th of November. I am sure that the guests will never forget these spinechilling experiences.

On the 14th of Nov we saw 2 bull rhinos fighting which was a first for me. The power and noise was spellbounding. Yesterday we saw the York pride feeding on an adult female giraffe and a baby which was lying close by.