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Lions kill a zebra at Pondoro Game Lodge

Hello Robbie, we are back now from our South Africa trip and linked this movie – a great experience you made possible for us. Maybe we will upload some photos later. Thanks for all, Sandra & Christian

Lion kills baboon by Natascha Detzel

On the 20th of April we were watching a whole pride of lions when a troop of baboons stumbled into them. They ran into the nearest trees to get away from the lion cubs. Two eventually lost their nerves and made a run for it. One got killed by a lion cub just before it […]

Lion charge

On the 19th of December 2008 Shaun, one of the Pondoro guides, found Big Boy and Mazinyo ( the 2 territorial males of the York pride ) and one female deep in the bush about 500 meters from the nearest road. He decided to give his guests, Jason Bishop and Brighid, and Kevin Langley and […]