6 February – Saw 6 lions of the Olifants west pride stalking and playing with a rhino during the morning drive.

Saw a young male leopard ( Cheeky boy ) at an impala kill.

The same group of lions were also seen stalking and chasing a group of buffaloes during the afternoon safari.

7 February – Saw the same young male leopard ( Cheeky boy ) still at the same impala kill as the day before. It was during this sighting that he received his name from Rul, one of our guides, as he chased and growled at the vehicles as soon as they were driving away from him.

14 February – We spent a fabulous afternoon in the company of 2 young leopard cubs on the Rome 2/3 cutline.

15 February – We saw the Singwe pride on Pondoro main road in the morning and at Ngala dam in the afternoon. The blond maned lion were mating were one of the females to provide some x-rated game viewing.

16 February – We watched 4 lionesses hunting zebra on the Olifants road close to Günter new road.

17 February – The Singwe pride were seen feeding on a baby giraffe on the 4/5 cutline. Kokwana, one of the lionesses of the Olifants west pride, then arrived on the scene and chased the Singwe females away. She was still in a very bad condition suffering from some kind of injury. Just after this a herd of elephants arrived and started chasing the lions all over the show. A real National Geographic moment.

19 February – Saw a female from the Singwe pride feeding on a baby zebra kill.

20 February – We were following the Singwe male lions at the Olifants river when we heard a female roar in the distance. They immediately turned around and when running in that direction. 3 kilometers and 5 minutes later they were all happily reunited. I was again amazed at the speed and ease with which lions can find one another and thought of the countless and often fruitless hours that I have spent in the past trying to locate roaring lions.

Later that morning Cheeky boy, the young male leopard were seen stalking impala.

During the evening game drive a mother cheetah with 2 cubs were seen feeding on an impala kill.

25 February – The Olifants west pride were found during the afternoon safari feeding on a baby zebra.

This is only highlights of  some of our predator sightings during the month. We enjoyed many more Big 5 sightings during the month with a fair number of elephants around as well as a group of about 200 buffaloes that frequent our concession area. Rhinos and other plains game were seen regularly.