1 January – Saw 5 lions ( Olifants west pride; Kokwana and youngsters ) feeding on a wildebeest.

6 January – Two big male lions ( Big Boy and Mazinyo ) feeding on a baby giraffe.

9 January – Had a small breeding herd of elephants charging at the vehicle. When the matriarch charges everyone follows and to the inexperienced this can be nerve wrecking. Some elephants groups are just more nervous than others and any small incident can trigger this.

10 January – Saw 3 rhinos having a mud bath at Xibejuane dam.

Saw a beautiful male boomslang catching a chameleon.

13 January – Saw a caracal baby in a tree feeding on an impala kill.

18 January – Saw the Singwe pride. One of their females were mating with one of the sons of Big Boy and Mazinyo. These 3 young males are now seen regularly with the Singwe group of females and can now be regarded as part of the pride.

Saw the female cheetah again with her 2 cubs.

20 January – Found a group of about 200 buffaloes at Ngwenya dam drinking and swimming in the water. It is not often that you will find a whole herd of buffalo lying in the water cooling down and I took some nice photos.

24 January – Found a big male leopard ( Watsakile Madoda ) feeding on a young zebra on Impalabos East.

25 January – Saw the male leopard feeding on the zebra and were then chased away from the kill by a big elephant bull in musth that came to inspect what all the fuzz was about.

26 January – Leopard still at zebra kill

29 January – Saw 5 lions feeding on a zebra at the 1/2 cutline.

30 January – Male leopard ( Watsakile Madoda ) feeding on an impala on Nyari road.

31 January – Young male leopard seen on foot feeding on an impala kill.

Photos of this month’s sightings can be seen under: Game Drive Photos – Rangers

Watsakile Madoda seen at Makobela road on the 12th of January. Rul, master tracker of Pondoro, can be seen talking on the radio in the background.