P1010074_L P1010090_L P1010096_L P1010116_L   P1010155_L P1010159_L P1010163_L P1010179_L P1010195_LThank you to Pondoro for making our Safari experience a wonderful and memorable one.

This is probably the closest I can ever get to a Leopard in the wild.

The spotlight from Ramson enabled me to capture this shot

Leopard prowling at night

Ramson and Eric, together with the pack from Australia, US SanDiego and Singapore

BONUS Find : The Cheetah !

For the lodge, it promotes romance through both the décor/fittings as well as the staff’s warm smiles and eye for details. For the adventure, the game drives have been exciting and Ramson demonstrated his tracking abilities when he led us to the leopard, lions, etc,  and a bonus find, the cheetah !   Eric as the driver also demonstrated his skills,  changing a burst tyre in no more than 8 minutes (shorter time han what I would have needed to put on make up).

Read my review on Trip Advisor, I vote you full marks !