We know the location of most of the den sites of the hyena clan that lives on the southern section of the Pondoro traversing area. This gives Pondoro guests ample opportunity to take some fantastic photos of this highly intelligent and amazing animals. They are completely habituated to the safari vehicles and go on with their normal business of just being hyenas. The best time to find them suckling would probably be just after sunset when the mother arrives at the den with the cubs eagerly awaiting her return. A greeting ritual would usually follow with a whole lot of sniffing, scent marking and low vocalization sounds. The moaning of hungry cubs would soon entice the mother to lay down allowing them to suckle.

I wonder if anyone has noticed the hyena with only 3 legs on the cover photo? This is a famous hyena called Sticknyawo or Tripod who was born like this. I never in my wildest dreams imagined that Sticknyawo would survive. It really is an amazing story of guts and the will to survive against all odds.

Hyena cub suckling at Pondoro


Hyena at Pondoro


Hyenas playing at Pondoro