Inquisitive youngster

While we were watching the 8 young lions the mothers left behind to go and hunt drama nearly unfolded in front of our eyes.

We found the 8 youngsters resting behind a termite mount and enjoyed some good photo opportunities as the bonding cubs would rub their faces on each others necks and head to strengthen the bonds as lions normally do.

It first became clear that we wearnt alone when the cubs raised their ears and we picked up they were more alert and stopped the bonding. It took some time for our ears to pick up what they heard. It was the sound of about 300 buffalo’s moving past in the thick bush. We could hear them and smell them but they were just out of eye’s range.

The battle between Lion and Buffalo is that of an age old story. Clearly the cubs knew this as they were crouching down in the stink grass trying to be invisible. Except for one, a young male could not stand his curiosity and even used the termite mount as elevation to try and get a better look. A risky move that could have costed him his (and his sibling’s lives). ¬†Fortunately the wind favored the lion cubs and the buffalo’s moved of towards the Olifants river