Rul discovered that there are actually 2 leopard cubs when he followed their tracks away from the kill. The female are hiding them in a very inaccessable area and the only one seeing them thus far is Rul who is slowly habituating them to his presence. We found Big Boy and Mazinyo, the 2 dominant male lions, feeding on the 30th at a wildebeest carcass. From the tracks it looked like they chased the lioness with the 2 cubs away from the kill and then took it for themselves. The next day the whole York pride was found feeding on a kudu. It was quite something to have Big Boy and 11 cubs feeding and fighting over the remains right next to the vehicle.

The morning drive of the 3rd of November was also a highlight as we found a black rhino. True to form he turned around and charged at the vehicle as soon as he became aware of our presence. I was lucky enough to get a few pictures.