We found the York pride feeding on a freshly killed zebra carcass on the 6th of July. We sat there for about an hour as they fought over the ever diminishing meat at the carcass.

The next day the pride were found hunting waterbuck. They chased a young bull which ran straight into a small tree right next to the vehicle. He got back onto his feet within a split second, but was obviously still dazed and confused when he ran off with a lioness in hot pursuit. She made the kill about 100 meters away while we were racing through the bush to get closer to the action. Lions of all ages came running past us to help her and to join in the feast. Big Boy, the territorial male, was in a terrible mood and he was soon chasing and fighting with the 3 young subadult males. The sounds of the fighting reverberated throughout the valley and could be heard miles away. This was spinechilling stuff!

The following day a smaller group of lions ( 3 females and the 3 subadult males ) were found at a wildebeest kill. Rul, one of the guides, then found the rest of the pride close to Nyari dam making hell for leather in the general direction of the kill. Big Boy again saw red when he spotted the 3 subadult males and hair, teeth and saliva were soon flying around.

What an amazing 3 days!