The month of July was one of our most exciting ever. Lion sightings have been out of this world with guests witnessing 4 lion kills. The 1st kill was seen on the 7th of July when lions killed a waterbuck close to Xinzele road. The waterbuck, in panic when spotting the lions, ran straight into a tree right next to the vehicle. He got up in a daze and a lioness was upon him before he could recover. The whole pride arrived and a feeding frenzy started. The dominant male saw his 3 young sons arriving to join in the feast as well. They are now 3 1/2 years old and reaching the age where they are chased away from the pride by their fathers. He immediately attacked and incredable scenes followed with him chasing and fighting with them while roaring at full voice.

On the 15th we saw the Mohlabetsi pride chasing some warthogs right past the cars catching and killing 2 of them.

As the sun was setting on the 27th we saw the York pride stalking, chasing and catching a zebra and thereafter we sat in silence as the whole pride fight of 19 lions fed and fought over the kill less than 2 meters away from the car.

Rul found 6 young lions close to Nyari dam on the 31st of July. They were going in the direction of a group of impala and I stopped not to far away. They then chased the impala stright to the car catching one only 20 meters away. Barely 10 minutes later a tiny splash of blood was the only evidence left at the gruesome scene.