Male leopard scent marking

Leopard at Pondoro Game Lodge

A leopard during my 1st safari drive in a week on the 14th of September 2015! Turned out to be quite an eventful drive as we spotted 2 white rhino bulls lying close to a waterhole in beautiful late afternoon light followed by a herd of about 200 buffaloes and then the cherry on top, the big male leopard called Chavaluthu scent marking as he was lazily walking east through the Pondoro concession area.

Leopards seem to have this weird fascination with fallen down trees and they would always go for a closer inspection to smell who has been visiting and then leave their scent mark in return. I saw him heading in the general direction of this fallen tree and knowing what this meant I quickly drove over there waiting for him to reach out and rub his head.

Post by Robbie Prehn

Leopard at Pondoro Game Lodge


Leopard scent marking at Pondoro


Leopard at Pondoro Game Lodge

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