The end of an era? Pondoro Game Lodge – Safari Kruger Park

Mark, one of the guides at Pondoro, saw Big Boy the legendary territorial male lion yesterday at Xibejuane dam. He and some of his younger sons were following a female in oestrus. He seemed to have lost his status as undisputed king as he was chased about by each and all of his sons in an attempt to keep him away from the lioness.

It has been expected for quite some time now as he is an old lion ( 13-14 years ) and is wearing the scars of recent skirmishes with this young coalition of 6 males. We suspect that they will tolerate him and not chase him away, but only time will tell. He is a living legend ruling over the western region of Balule for approximately 8 years.

I have included some photos: Big Boy in a fight with Mazinyo his coalition partner taken a few years ago – Big Boy on the right. The new generation – Lion cubs with their mother in 2009.



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