Valentine’s day in the bush

The animals are getting ready to celebrate Valentine’s day. Yes, romance is blooming and everyone is in a state of frenzy. Some are doing some last minute exercising to tweak and firm the body. Others are searching for that perfect dress or shopping for dinner.  Here is a sneak preview of what is going on behind the scenes for Valentine’s day.

Kruger Park safari lodge
Cheetahs doing some last minute speed training to get the necessary muscle tone and right body fat percentage.
Safari lodge in Kruger
Getting the house in order. A Collared sunbird tidying the “love” nest.
Safari in Kruger Park
You cannot start too young. Yoga stretches while trying to impress the boy next door.
Luxury safari lodge
Remembering to organize a baby-sitter for the big night out.
Rhino safari in Kruger Park
Visiting a day spa for that all important mud wrap.
Elephant safari at Kruger Park lodge
Everybody is getting into shape. A mud bath for the skin to get rid of a wrinkle or two is all the rave at the moment.
Looking for food in Kruger Park
Hastily digging for food…hmmm need something nice and tender.
Hippo safari
Time for a bath.
Roller at Pondoro Safari Lodge
Need something nice to wear…not too flashy But then again…it is a special day. Agh what the heck! I’ll go for the sexy little number!
Leopard on safari
Doing the nails!
Elephant at romantic lodge
Yes,you guessed it. Powdering the nose!
Lion on safari
Combing the hair…got to look good.
Kruger lodge safari
At last. The meat is ready, very tender and nicely matured. Just waiting for him to arrive.
Rhino during Pondoro safari
Patience my dear. It is a long walk for some of us.
Pondoro safari lodge
Romantic dinner under the moonlight.
Perfect day in the bush!
Rhinos on safari
Time to cuddle.
Pondoro Game Lodge
Pondoro is ready for you as well. The tables are set and the lanterns are lit.
Pondoro Safari Lodge
Your room is ready. Make the most of it! Happy Valentine’s day.
















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