It’s that time of the week again where we highlight some of the most memorable sightings in our selection of week in pictures. Enjoy!

We welcomed a few drops of rain during the week and one safari was cut short due but only after we were satisfied by what we have seen. Following up on a kudu carcass we found a leopard cub high up a marula tree watching 15 hyenas feasting on the kill his mother provided. The hyenas quickly finished what was left and one could easily see the higher ranking individuals had more of the kill than the lower ranking hyenas.



A pack of three Wild dogs were spotted one morning, they are known for moving at a fast pace and so difficult to keep up with, but fortunately for they ran in to a female leopard with an impala kill. They successfully stole the kill from the leopardess but had to fight for control over the kill with a couple of hungry hyenas. Faka Nchovela then later made her way back to the kill site to see if she can get anything back, she kept a good distance and knew that she couldn’t risk it and finally moved on.





A lone buffalo bull surprised us one afternoon by waiting on the road not even 3 minutes from the lodge.



A white rhino cow showed a bit of nervous behavior when a sudden gust of wind blew her way.



Chavaluthu was found feasting on his own female kudu kill. He enjoyed his well deserved meal for about 2 days before leaving the scraps for the scavengers.



A herd of elephants made their way on to a rocky outcrop one morning drinking the fresh rain water caught in the puddles.




The Machaton males were on a mission this week, even covering 20+ km one night marking their territory. They finally met up with the Kudyela lionesses and their cubs.